Friday, April 11, 2014

Burn the Witch! ~ by AHB

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with current events, there is yet another victim of the social justice warriors: Brenden Eich. Eich is a prominent member of silicon valley and the inventor of javascript (not to be confused with Java itself) and had a significant impact upon those of us who grew up in the early days of the world wide web.

The "problem" was back in 2008, he made a $1000 contribution to the proponents of the widely derided proposition 8. Prop 8 was a bill that passed in California to effectively ban same-sex marriages, and was ultimately ruled unconstitutional. While I do remember reading about people being up in arms about his "involvement" back then, what has happened recently just proves to me that like so many things, tolerance is only accepted when it comes in the form of a one-way street.

So, for 6 years, this has been in the back of the public's mind and lo and behold toward the end of march Eich was promoted to CEO of the Mozilla Foundation. Cheers and good times all around right? Wrong. The social justice warriors called for his head on a plate, with one of the largest dating sites, OKCupid, actually changing their message to mozilla firefox users saying "hey, uninstall firefox if you aren't bigoted" essentially. The outcry online as well as within mozilla about the boycotts basically ran Eich out of the job and into resignation barely a week after he took the reins. Eich himself stopped short of apologizing, but he basically said more or less "you have the right to your opinions and so do I."

This is just the latest in a long line of social justice gone wrong. The Duck Dynasty fiasco that took place last year if you recall, as well as Paula Deen's reputation and livelyhood was basically shattered into a million pieces for having admitted to "using the N-word" in the past. Chick-Fil-A being accosted because of the opinions of their CEO... Before that was the noted case with Don Imus and the "nappy headed hos" comment which ultimately cost him his place on TV.

Now I am all for people having a voice, but that is a two-way street in my view. Yes, freedom of speech (and the press) is technically a protection against the government and not the arena of social opinion. However, if we are going to ruin the life's work of a man simply for donating money to a cause (which at the time, was even a LIBERAL stance, hence the bill passed) where does it end? These people are acting like the god of the bible who convict people of thought crimes in their sleep. I hear all the time from my more democratic friends about such injustices, and when I remind them that their cult icon Billy C wrote DOMA into law, I get the whole gamut of rationalizations.

It's no different than this latest bullshit about the wage gap between men and women. Those of you who have read my piece on feminism knew that. What you are being told is outright bullshit with just the vaguest hint of truth. Yes it is true that women make 77¢ to every man's earned dollar, but this is not the result of gender discrimination at all. It would be just as asinine for me to say "People who don't go to college only make 64¢ on the dollar to every college grad! That's Degree-ism!" No, that's the way it is because there is a fundamental difference between what is offered to college grads and what is offered to non-college grads. The choices women make determine their income, and truly nothing more.

The pay gap nearly completely vanishes when you compare apples to apples. When you take never married no kids males and compare them to never married no kids females, in most fields it is the WOMEN who dominate the income scale in that arena. Also, just like other social justice bullshit, not one word is spoken about how we can narrow the gap in workplace fatalities and injuries. If you want the pay gap to narrow up and you want equality, why not strive for EQUALITY in everything? The reason is because getting maimed on the job is an undesirable situation and since it doesn't negatively impact women, who gives a shit?

People want their cake and eat it too, and they don't even want to bake the cake, pay for the baking of the cake, or work off calories after eating their cake. They want calorie free cake 24/7 because god dammit this is 'merica and fuck you for oppressing us and shit, we are not responsible for our actions but you better damn well be responsible for yours or we will fuck ya real slow, cause "whatever-ism" is real and you cannot deny! To deny is to comply you "whatever-ist" and we are sick of being held to any and all reasonable standards.


Jersey McJones said...

You get really worked up about these sorts of things, and you also, ironically, oversimplify things you claim are oversimplified. Take the pay gap. You can play the apples and oranges game, but it doesn't change the fact that women often perform jobs they are under-compensated for. What the gap tells us is that we as a people undervalue the work that women do.

As for the gentleman from Mozilla, well, all I can say is welcome to the world today. The market spoke and he's out. As for Prop 8 ever being a "liberal" position, I have o idea how you came up with that.


AHB said...

Ahh... so the gap that is real doesn't compute for you, but the gap that is twisted and more or less based on a lie makes you say "women are underpaid"

Oversimplification of the oversimplified? I think I said you have to compare apples to apples to get the real picture. When you do that, the 77¢ argument falls completely out of the airplane.

What basis are you claiming that on may I ask? Short-math it makes sense, but dig into deeper and your argument falls apart like a cheap chinese suitcase.

The 77¢ gap is almost vanquished the moment you consider that by and large men work longer hours, and more men period are in the workforce. Looking at median income is a very superficial glance, you know this, you just choose to believe the rhetoric.

If women made the choices men do, they would be paid the same as men are.

Matter of fact, why would I as a business owner ever hire men if I could get women to do the same job at a lower price?

I have had many females work for me at the larger business I ran. Some of them had identical jobs to men I hired also... and guess what I had to pay the women more, or else they said they couldn't justify working there, even on a "part-time" basis. As a result they priced themselves right out of "my market" and I ended up with a male majority by year 3.

Furthermore, at my place of business the only people qualified to do some of the jobs were men. Attempting to find women who were willing to work with a road grader, run tractors, get up in the bucket truck and repair lights, and be available well into the night if I needed them was not going to happen. So it was men or nothing. That is my fault as an employer I suppose, because I could not find the unicorn.

Sexual dimorphism is real, and if you ignore that, you ignore that at your own risk.

As for prop 8, do you define the liberal stance by what the politicians say or by what the people said? The people of California, which is typically a very liberal state in most regards, voted FOR prop 8. So that is how I justify my claim.

This isn't Ohio, where things are very balanced and everyone is twisting in the wind trying to gain ground. This is a state who has a long history of advocating for "gay rights"... quite simply, without people identifying as "democrat" voting for it purposely, it would have been defeated.

I think you use of irony is a bit lacking, here is a better example:

Irony is the states where freedom trumps social opinion were among the first to support "same-sex" marriage. So in a way one could twist it into saying that Libertarian extreme right is way more accepting of "different people" than your donkey party.

Jersey McJones said...

I don't think we're communicating here. What I was trying to impart is that women often perform at jobs that should pay more, as in education and healthcare, and especially the service sector, where women are treated horribly.

I also don't understand how you would assert Prop 8 was in any way whatsoever a liberal cause. It's just a weird thing to say. It would be like me saying, "All Conservatives believe in raising taxes because Ronald Reagan did that a few times." Really?


AHB said...

"should pay more"... ok?

As I just explained... California is pretty liberal as a general rule, esp when it comes to the matter of so called "Gay Rights"

Now... how could the bill have passed in such circumstances if the "liberal" voters of the time didn't vote for it?!

It passed, with a liberal voter base.

I have no doubt if it were on the ballot today, it would probably get defeated. But lets burn the witch regardless am I right! He was with the majority back then, so lets hold his feet to the fire.

Jersey McJones said...

I don't know hat lunacy you'er trying to prove here, but to say Prop 8 was a liberal cause is fuckin' retarded at best. CA has a huge and varied voter base. They just happened to get enough stupid slobbolas out to the polls to vote for that stupid slobby proposition. It was, is, and will always be yet another stupid slobby scummy hateful dumb backwards conservative idea.


AHB said...

I found a quote just to demonstrate how wishy-washy even the messiah was at the time.

"I think [Prop 8 is] unnecessary. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that's not what America's about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don't contract them."
-Barack "Messiah" Obama

Now that's an opposition of prop 8 while simultaneously not giving a shit about "gay rights" That is from the mouth of your own Jesus Christ of Honolulu. If the divine himself was that confused... is it a big stretch to say the voters made the choice they did.

Consequently, he would go on to flush the constitution down the shitter, so perhaps this whole quote should be taken with a grain of salt.

Be that as it may, the bill passed.

AHB said...

It is and ALWAYS will be a "Dumb backwards conservative idea"?

I present you this:

Jersey McJones said...

Are you retarded?


AHB said...

Are you? You cannot give me an answer, even a half-ass one, yet here you are again... trying to character assassinate me instead of trying to attack my argument.

If the dems were *always* for same-sex marriage, rah rah rah go LBGT! Then DOMA should have been vetoed, and left to sort out, even if it was a symbolic veto and nothing really came of it, you at least would have known Billy C wasn't totally full of shit. The messiah would have been a lot more supportive, instead of this backhanded mess of a quote, and prop 8 should have been obliterated well before their supreme court said it should be.

The repubs and dems both worship one entity and serve one master- votes. Hook, crook, steal, flim-flam, or deceive, it matters not.

You don't see it that way however, you are so entrenched into thinking that the liberal way is some moral high ground always, that the republicans are pure evil old school gangsters... Realize the truth: that whatever problems you have with the republican party is present in some form or fashion within the democratic party.

They are the two-sides of the same backwards ass coin.

I hear all the time that the conservatives ballooned our debt... even ronny didn't do this bad of a number on it, surely even your jaundiced eye can see that.

There are flaws in "your party" you refuse to acknowledge and while "my party" is mostly conservative, I am convinced that the conservatives of our time have severely lost their way.

I ask of you an honest question: If a candidate came along that really represented your beliefs and you felt they were the best choice for whatever title they were running for... yet that little bastard R was next to their name. What would you do?

Jersey McJones said...

Alright, here's where are lines are crossing. You seem to be at once saying that anything a Democrat does must de facto be liberal. The Democrats are not very liberal, in action anyway, and the GOP is far more conservative, at least when it comes to doing things conservatives want, than it is anything else. You seem to see that differently, hence "Prop 8 was liberal." Still, I can't imagine how you manage to assert Prop 8 was somehow in any way "liberal." It's just weird.


Sargento Bandera said...

I love watching Jersey blither and blather...

@ AHB: Matter of fact, why would I as a business owner ever hire men if I could get women to do the same job at a lower price?


Progressivism is a modern-day mush. No undergirding philosophy, no rational thought, just feel-good feelings, which is why Jersey always looks so silly trying to defend his incoherent blabbo-babble

AHB said...

I wish I was talking about "A democrat" and not the "king democrat"

Also, again you deflect. How did prop 8 pass? All those redneck gun loving bible thumping backwater hicks from 'sippi and weezie must have anticipated the vote and moved there.

IMO, the yuppies just didn't want to fess up to people conducting the survey's in advance they held a quote "bigoted" view, so prop 8 looked like it was gonna go down in flames, but when it came time for the polls, well... we know how the cookie crumbled.

Basically, someone lost their job because he was in the majority... 6 years ago.

So donkeys don't represent a liberal/progressive? Even the lead donkey?

You throw your hat in Ron Paul camp then? He is basically a classical liberal.

Again, my justification is that the bill passed, in a state that is insanely pro "gay rights"

You saying that California isn't liberal? With all the hollywood types and media influence floating around? What is a liberal location then? Pyongyang?

Anonymous said...

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I think Jersey is hot as hell. I always feel an urge to grab him by the ears and plant a big wet kiss on his lips, then push him into bed. He's a real sweetheart underneath that grumbly look he puts on. I think he just needs the love of a good woman to bring out the best in him. These other more conservative types sound like they've never had sex with the lights on. Jersey would be a powerhouse once I got his shoes off and his pants pulled down past his ankles.

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