Monday, August 25, 2014

To Al Sharpton: What about Dillon Taylor?

Al Sharpton, you're so mad about unarmed black men being shot by the police, why aren't you so angry when unarmed white men are shot by the police?  To everyone upset about the Michael Brown incident, I ask you:  What about Dillon Taylor?

Also, there seems to be some sort of conjecture about the nature of murder in America in terms of the race of the offenders.  I'm all about using hard, statistical data in my arguments, here are a few links to the FBI's official murder statistics for 2012.  Also included is some violent hate crime stats from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  Interpret the stats however you will.

Murder Offenders 2012:

Total:  14,581
Males:  9,425
White:  4,582  (Accounts for 31% of all homicides in 2012)
Black:  5,531  (Accounts for 37% of all homicides in 2012)
Other:  240
Unknown:  4,228

Race of the Victim and Offender 2012:

White Victims:  3,128----Race of Offenders on White Victims: 2,614 White; 431 Black
Black Victims:  2,648----Race of Offenders on Black Victims:  193 White; 2,412 Black

Bureau of Justice Statistics 2012 Violent Hate Crime Stats:

Race of Offenders:  White-34; Black-32
Race of Victims:  White-52;  Black-13

Population Percentage by Race in the US 2010:

White:  72.4%
Black:  12.6%

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Luke Brannigan said...

Good post! It is unfortunate that these statistics you posted here are about as deep as race / crime statistics get. Our justice department is extremely opaque and nonspecific when it comes to crime statistics.

I believe in a more nuanced approach to analyzing the worlds problems. Emotion is a powerful force, when harnessed correctly. Emotions should be the servant of our rationality however and it is easy to get caught up in short-sighted emotional context when the numbers tell a much different story.

I would love to see you elaborate on this more