About Me

I grew up and currently reside in Columbus, OH.  I spent four years in the United States Navy as a cryptologist.  After I got out, I attended college at Ohio Dominican University and graduated Summa cum Laude with a dual major in history and political science.

Although most of my coursework focused on American history and American Government and Politics, my loves were intellectual history and political theory.  I wrote my senior history thesis on the ideology of the Freemasons and the American Revolution; and for political science I wrote on the importance of Albert Camus in political theory.

Currently, I am employed as a job coach for a small company that provides workforce development services for people with disabilities.  I suppose it's not enough to simply preach the virtues of freedom and self-worth, so I make a daily contribution to the improvement of the quality of life for people.

I am a very open-minded guy, and I have a wide range of interests including literature, cinema, art, video games (yes, I'm a gamer), Rock and Roll, classical music, and dark beer.  I'm divorced, and I have two beautiful and incredibly bright children.

My two favorite authors are Albert Camus and George Orwell, and this blog is an homage to their legacies.