Comment Policy

"Watch it, buddy!"
My tone on this site is incredibly incendiary, rediculously rude, and hopefully comically crass.  Given
those conditions, I can understand if people would feel less inclined, perhaps even discouraged, to leave comments on my articles for fear that I may direct my vitriol towards them in a personal attack.

I want to be perfectly clear to anyone who discovers this little corner of the blogosphere that all comments will be addressed with the utmost respect and dignity deserving of a human being, even if you decide that I am not deserving of such courtesies and niceties.  (And to be honest, I'm probably not deserving of them anyway).

Yes, I'm an asshole, but I would be insanely remiss if I were to stifle intelligent debate.  If you want to call me out because you think I'm being hypocritical, then please do so.  If you want to call me a moron, idiot, or ignorant fool, then please do so.  If you find my "About Me" and "Why I Write" page in wont of explaining my purposes, then please ask me to explain myself.

I will never direct my vituperative frustration to any brave soul who is willing to engage in discourse with me, so if you have something to say then please say it without fear of reproach from me.

Politics, a social science, only breaks down when we refuse to talk.